Handgun Safety Training Video

Being a Safe Shooter Is Only Part of the Equation. You Also Have to Be Good...

Learn how to shoot better, faster, and more accurately - guaranteed!

…without having to spend weeks or months at the shooting range!

Is your shot not as accurate as you’d like it to be? Have you ever wondered how military and law enforcement personnel learn to fire quickly and accurately every single time?

When you get the Shooting for Accuracy training video and workbook, you’ll learn techniques and drills designed to dramatically improve your accuracy. Written by professional firearms instructors, this course will help you diagnose common mistakes and get your shot back on target.

Imagine how great it will feel to be hitting your target quickly, accurately and consistently – time and time again. 

Here’s the hard truth: If the need to defend yourself or your loved ones ever arises, you want to rest assured of your ability to hit your target. Don’t go another day without these potentially life saving tips.

Get instant access to drills and techniques developed by professional firearm instructors that are specifically designed to dramatically improve your accuracy – the same basic fundamentals and techniques used by military and law enforcement professionals. 

Who Is This For?

This course is perfect for gun owners of all skill levels! Whether you just got your first handgun or you’re an old hand looking to keep your skills sharp, this course will give you the tools to become a better shot.

Can I really Improve My Accuracy with a Video and Workbook?

Yes you can! A firearms instructor walks you through the basics of effective handgun shooting and explains how to get the most from your practice time.

Make sure you’re using the correct fundamentals then you put the tactics to use. Review and study until you feel comfortable. You can practice dry fire drills at home to improve faster and make the most of your range time.